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Quality Assurance

High Quality+

CRXCONEC quality assurance prevents mistakes and defects in manufactured products and avoiding problems when delivering products or services to customers.
Two principles: "Fit for purpose"; and "right first time".
CRXCONEC is committed to upholding exceptional quality standards in materials, processes, and customer service and quality systems are benchmarked to industry best practices.

Standard procedure to earn your preference

We take three phrases to maintain good qualitative products-EXAMINATION, PROCESSING, and MANAGEMENT. Examination- checking the quality of raw materials, and components to meet customers’ expected standard. Processing- following the quality inspection processes (IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC). Management- through intelligent data analyze the whole flow line production capacity, efficiency etc.


Our QA procedure starts with the customer purchase order request. Firstly, we review the technical information, product component, material etc., to ensure meeting order requirements. We advise customer of any issues and recommend solutions and work with them to have the best one. When all issues are solved, the order is released. We divided our quality control(QC) into four inspection section- IQC, IPQC, FQC, OQC- from incoming material to final product delivery. Each manufactured product has a different QC standard to confirm meeting strict requirements.

Incoming Quality Control-IQC

All raw material checks before used. Our quality control workers take various methods to check against approved data. For example, visual check on the materials’ appearance, dimension and function, also run the test checking whether the cable material is compliant with ROHS and REACH standard. Once rejected, raw materials are sent back for further examination.

In Process Quality Control-IPQC

During the manufacturing process, we perform inspection depends on the quality standard on size, length, appearance, quantity, and performance. Main inspector follows the sampling standard in different item quality control. Take examining patch cord as an example, sampling twenty pieces in each flow line and per two hours doing one-time sampling. We followed 《Assembly IPQC record》EQ2203-17 A3 as a standard to make sure the quality of production. Furthermore, we introduce the electronic scoreboard in every production line, it enables to collect and analyze data just in time, and also reflect the factory field situation for manager to improve the quality of product immediately.

Final Quality Control-FQC

According to our quality control standard for each project, all finished goods are inspected following the AQL sampling rate. AQL is a statistical measurement of the maximum number of defective goods considered acceptable in a particular sample size. If the AQL is not reached for a particular sampling of goods, we will review various parameters in the production process to determine the areas causing the defects.

Out-going Quality Control-OQC

Before our finished product goes out for shipping, our quality control team check any finished goods randomly and issue the inspection report for customers with the shipment. We have our own check form to record the inspection report, and ensure zero defected goods are shipped to customers. Each manufactured product has their own last inspection checking form to meet strict requirements.

QC Team & Quarantine Procedure

Perusing the high standard quality and zero defected goods are professional QC team’s principle to stand for. Then, how do we achieve it? We introduce the new technology –ITEC and ARROW system to analyze production line data and track the failed finished product. It’s not only reduce the error rate and also enhance our production capacity. Based on the intelligent data acquisition, our QC team take it as an essential tool to solve problems in production line.

Third Party Certifications

Beyond the marketing promotion, what can put your minds at ease more than 3rd party certifications? In CRXCONEC, reliability of product service is given the highest priority. Our main products are either UL certified and or ETL/ Delta/ GHMT verified. It showed that we meet international standard of product characteristics, electrical transmission characteristics etc. Furthermore, our products are RoHS or REACH compliant for industrial safety and environmental protection. We constantly act to preserve and improve the standard in materials, processes while creating the quality goods and services that our customers expect.

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