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Based in Taiwan since 1985, Crxconec Company Ltd. stands at the forefront of fiber cabling technology, offering a broad spectrum of fiber optic network solutions. Our products, ranging from single mode to multi mode fiber cables, fiber patch panels, and distribution boxes, are crafted for optimal performance. Embrace the future of networking with our cutting-edge fiber structured cabling.

At CRXCONEC, we specialize in providing customized cabling solutions to meet your specific business needs. From custom RJ45 keystone jacks to Ethernet and fiber optic cables, our products are designed for flexibility and adaptability. Partner with us for personalized cabling services that align with your unique requirements. Experience the best in fiber-to-home services with CRXCONEC's all-in-one FTTH solutions. Our offerings include high-performance fiber splitters, fast connectors, and fiber adaptors, ensuring seamless home connectivity.

CRXCONEC has been providing customers versatile copper cabling solutions for diverse networking needs, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, CRXCONEC ensures that each customer's requirements are met.