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To Earn Your Preference

Product and service quality are given the highest priority. To ensure the structured cabling product performance and compatibility, we meet international cabling standard of product characteristics, electrical transmission. In a modern corporate environment, a reliable network infrastructure is directly responsible for productivity, service efficiency and expanded services. Therefore, third party certifications represent that a cabling system adheres to rigorous standards for performance and installation quality.
If you would like more information on each certification, please take a look at the below descriptions.

ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001

CRXCONEC factories keep continuous improvement to maintainence. Having a good system for controlling your risks when it comes to the environmental impact is our priority to do. With ISO 9001,ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certified of Environmental Management System and Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, noticeably reduce the risk of injury, accidents and work-related illness in organizations. The health and physical integrity of CRXCONEC's employees are a mainstay of its success.


The GHMT is a independent and impartial test lab from German, concerned with the complex field of physical transmission security in networks, computer centres, and industrial plants. It regularly draws samples from the manufacturing process, from the warehouse, or purchases via blind ordering from re-sellers to ensure transparency and independence when testing these as to whether or not they meet national and international standard requirements. CRXCONEC Cat.8 Structured Copper Cabling Products are with GHMT verification, 2 connector channel level up to 30 meters and transmission to 2000Hz.


The ETL is from Intertek testing laboratory, indicates in product compliance to local market safety and complex of physical transmission, performance in networking applications. With ETL listed mark products, they could be compliant with North America safety standard. CRXCONEC Cat.6A and Cat.6 Shielded and Unshielded Patch Cord are with ETL listed, included 24, 26 , 28 AWG patch cord and PVC,LSZH for options.


EC VERIFIED is one of the authoritative independent certification mark in terms of approving cables and connecting hardware, and it is valid worldwide. This mark guarantees that have tested approved products in accordance with all relevant international standards and under strict control conditions. CRXCONEC Cat.6A and Cat.6 RJ45 Keystone Jack are with EC verified, included STP and UTP, and support 4PPoE( PoE) applications.


EU RoHS seeks to limit the impact and exposure of specific hazardous substances to consumers and the environment, and reduce occupational exposure when products or equipment are manufactured, recycled, or sent for final disposal. REACH encourages to develpment of safe chemical substances, replacement of existing hazardous chemical with less dangerous chemical substances, to achieve the goal of sustainable development. CRXCONEC commits to green, therefore our poroducts all meets RoHS and REACH.


CRXCONEC Patented Patch Cord With Rotatable Color Clips is to solve the color management without affecting the connection. Our R&D professional team added the characteristics of Tetris into the patch cord design in the early stage. After continuous discussion and improvement, we have the first draft of it. Limited by the internal structure, we introduced the patch cord with Cat.6 28AWG and cat.6A 30AWG ultra-thin cables only. Start with easy way for cabling and explore more information about Patented Tetris Patch Cord.


UL is a private authoritative organization engaged in flammability testing and safety examination in terms of approving networking application. CRXCONEC, as a series structured cabling product provider, we pursue every customer get structured cabling products from us with high standard of quality and safety use in cabling wiring system.

CRXCONEC Structured cabling and accessories
The main products are under UL cetification included STP, UTP Keystone Jack, Inline Coupler, RJ45 Connector, Keystone Patch Panel, and also Faceplate & Mounted Box.

CRXCONEC Lan Cables are under UL Flammability Standard, included CM,CMX,CMR,CMG and CMP.
CMP:All in-wall, plenum and riser applications.
CMR:All in-wall and riser applications; not permitted in plenums.
CM, CMG:In-wall rated; permitted in 1-2 family residential riser applications, or in riser with raceway/fireproof shaft; not permitted in plenums.
CMX: outside plant; installation in outdoor applications where exposed to the elements, resisted the UV retardant.

CRXCONEC Certification
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CRXCONEC never stop innovation, maintanence and strict control product. Taking great pride in our cabling product, get to know more details on Quality Assurance or Factory Tour. We also provide one-stop service on OEM Series Cabling Product, know more detail on OEM&ODM.

CRXCONEC factory tour-full version introduction
CRXCONEC factory tour-full version introduction

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