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CRXCONEC reliable OEM structured cabling manufacturer


Who we are

CRXCONEC, is an OEM brand driver for infrastructure cabling. We provide versatile end-to-end copper and fiber solutions to several applications and industries. Based in Taiwan with 35 years’ OEM& ODM experience, we also offer our partners doing customized service from series copper and fiber cabling products to OEM branding.
We serve plenty of individual companies worldwide to build up their cabling brand. We keep innovating our technology, providing high quality and certified cabling product and ease of access to all customers.

Series Cabling Supplier

CRXCONEC integrates complete structured cabling product, providing one-stop service for you easy to select copper and fiber series offerings. To meet structured cabling system (SCS), the copper offerings comprise shielded and unshielded LAN cables, patch panel, keystone jack, patch cord, and RJ45 connector. The fiber solutions include fiber cables, fiber patch cord, fiber patch panel and other accessories for FTTH, FTTXs and outdoor applications. With series cabling supplying, it greatly eases the complexity of purchasing and reaches the compatibility of applications. Our products have already been implanted into the world-class data center and smart buildings for decades. Planning the entire cabling system and providing the solution to your projects, CRXCONEC can be your good supplier to work with.

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Over 35 years’ experience OEM & ODM

"Being professional, passionate and innovative", is our motto. With more than 35 years’ experience, we have been focusing on turning concepts to solutions for cabling market’ needs; developing efficient and competitive structured cabling products for users. Furthermore, CRXCONEC is not just an OEM factory, our team has grown even stronger with the participation of graphic designers. We can provide customers with complete product and packaging design, and whole brand image as well. CRXCONEC is not only a manufacturer but also a total cabling solution provider with OEM branding service. It is first and the foremost to accomplish uncompromisingly high-quality standards. If you want to start with your own brand, CRXCONEC is absolutely the best supplier to cooperate with. We are a professional OEM & ODM provider!

Dare To Be Different - Idea, Design & Realize

Are you tired of price competition? We understand how vitally important it is to have an iconic design with passion and perfection. During the past decades, we have obtained 21 patents in 6 countries and continuous development by the international R&D team and in-house designers. This will help you to stand out from your competitors from your market. CRXCONEC is an expert in providing superior customized design in the structured cabling field. From concepts to idea sketches, we transform them into hit products. Our goal is to provide the smart, easy and quick installation solution for structure cabling products to our customers. We are dedicated to building your own brand and flagship merchandise and winning the market.

Eco Friendly & Efficient Production Line

We keep investing in new facilities to improve product quality and efficiency. The D Machine Track System (Production Monitoring System) brings plant management to a higher level and track all aspects of the production, automatically updating the manufacturing condition with schedule details. Also, the automatic press-fit and plug insertion machines are now equipped with AOI (automated optical inspection) system, which raises the accuracy to a new level. Further, the traditional soldering operations are replaced with new press-fit technology and become environmentally friendly. There are 34 Fluke network testers in our factory to ensure the patch cords and modules performance. With high quality ISO-9001 certified factory, CRXCONEC makes sure the goods meet international standard.

ESG Management- Commitment To Green

With over 35 years in operations, CRXCONEC earned business partners’ preference in a responsible and ethical manner. Acting CRXCONEC circular economy and green manufacturing visions, we follow actively participation in ESG management and formulate a quality and environmental policy for product safety and eco-friendly. Our factory is ISO-14001 certified and develops energy efficiency management by improving facilities and processes. In 2021, we introduce the “Solar Photovoltaic System” to reduce carbon emissions greatly and reduce electricity 15% consumption after operation annually. Furthermore, we deeply believe in the potential of our workforce and the importance of providing career development for our people. Today, as a global infrastructure solutions provider, we empower company to fulfill its environmental, social and governance responsibilities, and for the sustainable growth of the company from the long-term perspective.

Successful Story

We have worked with everyone from regional IT company to the largest global distributors. Bring the expertise to your branding project.

CRXCONEC Phillippines OEM brand case

Distributing To Branding in Philippines

Without manufacturing experience, we only rely on distributing other brands’ products for our business expansion. But it does increase lots of stock pressure and cause less profits. Therefore, we want to establish a brand which support complete solution cabling products through e-commerce channel. We are in staff shortage of brand design and product promotion. But with CRXCONEC help, we conquer all the obstacles. They offer series structured cabling product with third-party certification and complete brand building plan. We only take three months to have our own brand.

Work with philipines OEM brand

Advantage Gaining

  • One-stop service from OEM product to packaging, increased development efficiency 50%.
  • Shortened design time 20% and reduced staff shortage risk 50%.
  • Cat.6A and Cat.6 cabling solution with third-party certified, expand the market business easier.
  • New channel from e-commerce marketing break a standstill situation.
CRXCONEC Singapore OEM brand case

Business expansion in Singapore

Based on old commercial building maintenance in local market, we support sort of cabling product to the contractors and installers. We eager to have a new brand ASAP and provide total solutions in order to expand our turnover. The main challenge we are facing is to have a consistent brand image packaging on series cabling products. CRXCONEC does not only supply the channels of structured cabling products, but also offer professional suggestion on doing OEM brand. Thanks for joining CRXCONEC one-stop OEM brand service, it is the easiest way to reach out your goals.

Work with singaport OEM brand

Advantage Gaining

  • In 3 months, establish a new brand image is loved by consumers.
  • Expect to expend 30% revenue in business.
  • Set up a complete solution for copper and fiber structured cabling.
  • UL listed and 3rd party certification creates reliability for brand products.

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CRXCONEC never stop innovation, maintanence and strict control product. Taking great pride in our cabling product, get to know more details on Quality Assurance or Factory Tour. We also provide one-stop service on OEM Series Cabling Product, know more detail on OEM&ODM.


CRXCONEC:Connect You To The World

Production Line For RJ45 Keystone Jack Manufacturing Process

Manufacturing RJ45 Patch Cord Ethernet Cable Process

Professional OEM proposal
Professional OEM proposal

Guide to branding, and make a memorable impression.

Brand OEM Demonstration
Brand OEM Demonstration

Demonstrate complete brand image from structured cabling products to outer packaging.

CRXCONEC factory tour-full version introduction
CRXCONEC factory tour-full version introduction

Complete introduction CRXCONEC factory, production line and work departments

Why CRXCONEC is a reliable cabling supplier and manufacturer?

Spanning a board range of end-to-end structured cabling products for copper and fiber optic network communication systems in decades. CRXCONEC have been...

Can I get free structured cabling samples from you?

Yes, we are free to provide free structured cabling samples for customer. A product sample is the direct way to know more information about cabling product...

End-To-End Copper and Fiber Cabling Solution.

High quality and OEM service with complete cabling products is our pride. We will be an excellent choice for your telecom.

High Quality

Standard procedure to earn your preference, offering third party certificated series cabling products.

OEM Ability

Guide to branding, providing total series cabling solution to establish one brand on networking market.

Prompt Service

Professional suggestion to clients, having excellent structured cabling products to meet the local market needs.


Strong RD team and automatic production maintain high quality and fast delivery.