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OEM Branding

Cabling Branding Service

CRXCONEC offers comprehensive cabling products branding services, covering copper and fiber cabling products tailored for data centers, FTTH, and industrial cabling systems. Elevate your business with our branding design services, including OEM and ODM customization options for cabling products, catalogs, and packaging designs. Partner with us for seamless promotion of your brand!

Copper Structured Cabling

CRXCONEC offers a complete range of structured cabling products, spanning from Cat.8 to Cat.5E. Our lineup includes both shielded (STP) and unshielded (UTP) solutions for indoor and outdoor Ethernet wiring systems. Explore our selection of easy pass-through RJ45 connectors, field termination plugs, punch-down keystone jacks, patch panels, patch cords, and more. Build a reliable network infrastructure with CRXCONEC today!

Fiber Optic Cabling

CRXCONEC's fiber optic cables, fiber patch cords, fiber patch panels, and distribution boxes serve as the essential backbone connectivity for FTTx and data center applications. Our products are certified by UL, RoHS, and REACH, ensuring the quality and compliance with industry standards. Trust CRXCONEC for reliable and certified fiber optic solutions!

Branding Design Service

Elevate your brand with our expert design solutions. From catalogs and logos to product mockups, we tailor our services to meet your requirements. Our strong design team ensures a seamless start to your brand journey.

30+ Manufacturing Experience

CRXCONEC leads the way in infrastructure cabling as a top OEM brand. With 30+ years of experience, we offer customized solutions worldwide in copper and fiber cabling products. Partner with us for quality and expertise.

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With CRXCONEC cabling products, you are always step ahead.

Benefits From CRXCONEC

Following the OEM branding success formula from one to all, we create win- win relationship with our OEM partners and meet their demands to achieve the goals.


CRXCONEC complete cabling solution widely used in data center, commercial building, field industries application.

Extra Support From CRXCONEC

From zero to one, complete your branding plan, including logo design, packaging to series production marketing strategies. Easy to build connection with business expansion.

Successful Story

We have worked with everyone from regional IT company to the largest global distributors. Bring the expertise to your branding project.

Distributing To Branding in Philippines

Without manufacturing experience, we only rely on distributing other brands’ products for our business expansion. But it does increase lots of stock pressure and cause less profits. Therefore, we want to establish a brand which support complete solution cabling products through e-commerce channel. We are in staff shortage of brand design and product promotion. But with CRXCONEC help, we conquer all the obstacles. They offer series structured cabling product with third-party certification and complete brand building plan. We only take three months to have our own brand.

Advantage Gaining

  • One-stop service from OEM product to packaging, increased development efficiency 50%.
  • Shortened design time 20% and reduced staff shortage risk 50%.
  • Cat.6A and Cat.6 cabling solution with third-party certified, expand the market business easier.
  • New channel from e-commerce marketing break a standstill situation.

Business expansion in Singapore

Based on old commercial building maintenance in local market, we support sort of cabling product to the contractors and installers. We eager to have a new brand ASAP and provide total solutions in order to expand our turnover. The main challenge we are facing is to have a consistent brand image packaging on series cabling products. CRXCONEC does not only supply the channels of structured cabling products, but also offer professional suggestion on doing OEM brand. Thanks for joining CRXCONEC one-stop OEM brand service, it is the easiest way to reach out your goals.

Advantage Gaining

  • In 3 months, establish a new brand image is loved by consumers.
  • Expect to expend 30% revenue in business.
  • Set up a complete solution for copper and fiber structured cabling.
  • UL listed and 3rd party certification creates reliability for brand products.
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CRXCONEC:Connect You To The World

Professional OEM proposal
Professional OEM proposal

Guide to branding, and make a memorable impression.

Brand OEM Demonstration
Brand OEM Demonstration

Demonstrate complete brand image from structured cabling products to outer packaging.

CRXCONEC factory tour-full version introduction
CRXCONEC factory tour-full version introduction

Complete introduction CRXCONEC factory, production line and work departments

CRXCONEC Copper and Fiber Series Cabling Catalogue
CRXCONEC Copper and Fiber Series Cabling Catalogue

For a complete range of Telecommunication products download our latest catalogue, we provide versatile end-to-end copper and fiber solutions.