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the procedure of oem

OEM Procedure

Build Your Brand

For more than 30 years’ experience, customers have trusted us for our innovative approach to problem solving and excellence. CRXCONEC provides various flexible services that enable our clients to focus on their competencies and to redirect that will generate the most value for their customers and innovations.
Your path to a successful handling product starts with CRXCONEC OEM, no matter the project size or requirements. Learn how the expert OEM team guides you through every step to make your vision a reality, we have listed main stages below.

Product Concept Proposal

During the initial phase, our goal is to learn about your company and how we could support your business, and enhance the customer relationship. Who is the main target market? What do the applications they prefer more? With more exploration and communication, building a whole series product, it’s not a hard thing anymore. By reviewing your goals in capability, performance, spatial, and budget parameters, we could have professional suggestion for you. To select CRXCONEC ideal product or have new concepts on existing product, discussing with our R&D team and graphic designer to meet your requirements.

Customized Item Testing

Based on reviewing any regulatory requirements necessary for the proposed product solution, rough prototype sample meets customers’ needs. To make sure it works properly in the field before delivering prototype to you, we would run the various trials and tests to make sure the quality of goods. “Such as physical characteristics test, high voltage test, aging test, thermal shock test, and product performance test to ensure that the product transmission characteristics can meet international standards.”

Sample Packaging Confirmation & Contract Sign Up

To deliver the sample to you, you could check it whether meets your expectation. By confirmation with our dedicated CRXCONEC OEM expert team, we could go for the next stage and sign up an agreement to customize the minimum order quantity.Our Sale representative would refer to the quotation for the customized item, and check the product details for signing up the contract, include the price term, minimum order quantity(MOQ), payment term, delivery date etc.

After-Sales Service

CRXCONEC OEM offers service long after your product launches. For anything from maintenance and repair, method programming, customer orders and delivery schedules, CRXCONEC provides solution and answers you seek for. As part of our commitment, we could have meeting with your team to ensure the new product is meeting expectations and also reviewing the telecom-market comments to improvement.

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CRXCONEC never stop innovation, maintanence and strict control product. Taking great pride in our cabling product, get to know more details on Factory Tour. We also provide one-stop service on OEM Series Cabling Product, know more detail on OEM&ODM.


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