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Guide To Branding

The first Impression build up to your potential cabling market is by a brand image.
From production to goods, we confirm every details on structured cabling product manufacturing to maintain the quality. From zero to one, we offer professional cabling marketing advice to you building up your own brand. With logo printing on series cabling products, you would be easy to supply and support your cabling market and spread your structured cabling company worldwide.

Sufficient OEM Experience- Approach To A Brand

In the past 35 years, our service is changed from OME to ODM. We have more than 30 well-trained engineers who can do research and development. At different stages, there are multiple suggestion from our R&D team for specific cabling product. Taking antibacterial patch cord as an example, we use the anti-bacteria raw material on the boot and examine its function through complex testing, creating safer and more hygienic working environment for users. According to customer’s needs, we could innovate and modify the design and provide more functional cabling products. Turning your concept into design is CRXCONEC always doing. Another CRXCONEC exclusive service is to bring your brand logo on complete series of cabling products, including copper structured cabling and fiber optic cabling. And for e-commerce marketing, we also can provide simulated photos with your logo on the product, allowing you to quickly preview different effects.

Originality In Design- Product, Packaging & Branding

We focus on the consistency and efficiency to the brand design and offer the professional cabling marketing advice to meet your requirements. From one to all, building up your own brand from concept to whole image step by step. With logo printing on series cabling products, it can board your brand visibility on cabling market and clearly make direct impression to your customers. Furthermore, we also offer product packaging design for the look. Referred to your brand guideline, CRXCONEC graphic designers would follow it and offer multiple options for you to choose. It greatly saves your time and budget looking for different resources to establish a brand. We also provide numbers of marketing collateral support, especially in e-commerce, like visual ads, installation videos, data sheet, website optimization and so on. If you want to involve your business to structured cabling market, CRXCONEC is your first option to cooperate. We provide one-stop branding service to assist our partners branding quickly.

Complete Education Training & Local Market Survey

Based on your projects or the market backgrounds, CRXCONEC sales team provide the corresponding solution to meet the needs. At the same time, we would follow the market dynamic to update the latest trends, suggesting the great solution according to your local market. The cabling market analytics make our client have high competition and uniqueness. By CRXCONEC Academy Education Project (product training) and the knowledge share in the structured cabling field, enhance the credibility and reliability for our partners being the professional advisor.

Successful Cooperation Feedback

In the past 35 years, we have cooperated with many leading companies in structured cabling and helped many customers successfully establish their brands with high-quality products and dedicated services. These elements enable customers to build a good reputation and credibility for consumers. To create win-win and grow together with the customers has always been CRXCONEC’s goal. The following statements are a sort of testimonials from our customers.

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Testimonials from.......

“As the products that CRXCONEC provided, such as keystone jack, networking panels and so on, they are absorbed in our market and the goods' quality are in great performance. There was a shortage of manpower and resources to run my own brand, but corporation with CRXCONEC, the “Brand OEM one-stop service” served me well and provide me fabulous support such as brand image design, website establish support, marketing strategy sharing, multi-media support. We’re thankful for your assistance to make me quickly establish my cabling brand. “-Mr. Bautista

“In the initial discussion of purchasing the product, the sales staff put forward a lot of professional suggestions and also provided a sample trial service. Your company's service and product quality are very good!”- Mr. Hyder

“CRXCONEC with complete cabling series products and exclusive service which is different from the others, CRXCONEC attracts me at the first sight. Initially, we’re small company, but with your help we build up my own brand from scratch to practice. Product’s quality is without doubt, with providing Certified and UL listed product, we provide the best product to my customer.”- Mr. Ekblad


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Professional OEM proposal
Professional OEM proposal

Guide to branding, and make a memorable impression.

Brand OEM Demonstration
Brand OEM Demonstration

Demonstrate complete brand image from structured cabling products to outer packaging.