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Why will Cat.6A cabling dominate the market in the coming years? | CRXCONEC is an OEM structured cabling supplier that has been assisting companies with branding for more than 30 years.

Why will Cat.6A cabling dominate the market in the coming years?

05 Feb, 2023 CRXCONEC

Have you ever wondered why the future of enterprise cabling can be seen all over Cat 6A? In the following insight, we will reveal the practical application differences between Cat6 and Cat6A cabling.

Comes to access-layer deployments, there are several factors to consider. The most important factor to look at is whether endpoints will require a higher speed and need to support PoE devices. In this share, we would focus on the differences between Cat6 and Cat6A; and also point out real-field installation circumstances that help you justify the investment on which cabling system that you should go for.

What Makes Cat.6A Different?

Category 6A is the first cabling specification that indicated the repeatable AXT (alien crosstalk) performance, while its frequency up to 500 MHz, and an insertion loss improved compared with Cat.6 and Cat.5E cabling to allow the network electronics to achieve their maximum performance.

Better performance in bundled & lower cable losses

Referring to the above chart, Cat.6A has a higher frequency than other categories. Cat.6A uses shielding to protect against electromagnetic interference and data loss, making Cat.6A one of the most reliable types of cable in networking. The shielded solution is also highly recommended to use in PoE devices to increase heatproof function ensuring cabling safety.

Cat6A is better than Cat6?

Augmented Cat6 (Cat6A) is capable of supporting data transfer rates of 10Gps at a maximum bandwidth of 500MHz. The channel length could support a 100meter distance, and it can be also backward compatible with Cat6 and Cat5E. However, when come to the 10GBase-T standard that operates at speeds of 10Gps, Cat6 cabling is just supported up to 37 to 55 meters distance to transfer the data. As shown below, Cat6 bandwidth is only up to 250 MHz, but Cat6A is two times bigger.

Cat6A Widely Used In?

Here are some practical case scenarios where to deploy Cat6A cabling.

  • WIFI system (6 or beyond):WIFI six can operate at speeds up to 10Gbps. If you want to avoid a bottleneck and future wireless tendency, you should go for Cat6A wherever WIFI access points will be installed.
  • PoE devices:As previously mentioned, higher speeds and wattage capabilities of PoE are gradually increasing, and more power-hungry PoE endpoints. PoE devices consume 60W or more in building management systems, digital signage, and intelligent lighting.
  • Switches:If you are unavailable to run fiber between switches, it is a wise choice to run Cat6A to utilize 10GBase-T Ethernet to prevent bottlenecks on switch uplinks.
  • Future-proof cabling system:The need to use this cabling system for more than 5 years, Cat6A is for all new installs to help future-proof networking.

How do you decide on whether to install Cat6 or Cat6A Cabling? The answer to this question is quite simple as you might think. Following these questions before choosing the right cabling solution.

  • What are current applications or devices being utilized?
  • What future devices do you see your organization using?
  • What is the expected life of the cabling system in a commercial building, or data center?
  • Will it be more than 5, 10, 20, or even 25years?
  • What is your budget or expected cost for the complete cabling system?
  • What would the cost be, including the re-installing of a new network that can be compatible with future needs?

There are lots of factors to influence your decision. However, Cat6A is proving to be a wise choice due to its ability to future-proof demands on increasing transmission speeds. With the continued use of the RJ45 interface, Cat6A is also backward compatible with Cat5E and Cat6. In addition, Cat6A cabling can be used for CCTV, Access Control, and PoE applications. Therefore, compared to the cost and time of re-installing a new network (if you go for Cat6 cabling), Cat6A is your ideal solution for future-proof networking.

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CRX Share: Why will cat6a cabling dominate the market in the coming years
CRX Share: Why will cat6a cabling dominate the market in the coming years

A complete overview for the cat6A cabling and the reasons why it can dominate the future-proof networking.

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Why will Cat.6A cabling dominate the market in the coming years? | End-To-End Copper & Fiber Solutions Provider and Manufacturer | CRXCONEC

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