Patented:Rotatable Clips Patch Cord

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Patented:Rotatable Clips Patch Cord

01 Sep, 2020 CRXCONEC

Have you ever prepared a lot of inventory for wires of different colors? Do you need to change patch cords of different colors because of changes in personnel seats or departments?

IT technician will use color management to mark different floors or the LAN ports of different departments in cabling. It will not cause troubles to IT personnel in the early stage of wiring and even it is easier for facilitate management. But when the time for move and changes comes, how to change the color management without affecting the connection will be a problem. To solve this problem, we added the characteristics of Tetris into the patch cord design in the early stage. After continuous discussion and improvement, we have the first draft of it. Limited by the internal structure, we introduced the patch cord with Cat.6 28AWG and cat.6a 30AWG ultra-thin cables only.

Patented Cat.6A Patch Cord With Rotatable Color Clips

This patented Ethernet patch cord let users to manage different application by color without unplugging patch cable. By simply rotating the color ring of the patch cord, you can mark it with different color and solve your problem in one second. There is no need to prepare redundant jumpers to replace, which is very convenient for IT personnel.

Start with easy way for cabling and explore more information about patented Tetris patch cord,contact us now!

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CRXCONEC designer initial ideas of our Rotatable Color Clips Patch Cord
CRXCONEC designer initial ideas of our Rotatable Color Clips Patch Cord

Get More Details In Our Designer Ideas On Rotatable Patch Cord

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