Interview:Cabling Supplier Stories | Over 35 Years End-To-End Copper & Fiber Solutions Provider and Manufacturer | CRXCONEC

CRXCONEC is an OEM structured cabling supplier that has been assisting companies with branding for more than 30 years.

Interview:Cabling Supplier Stories

18 Oct, 2021 CRXCONEC

Sincerely welcome you to join CRXCONEC Live Show with Global Sources. Global Sources Platform has hold Sourcing Talk Virtual Meeting since October. There are a series of live webinars and events on the latest industry topics and trends featuring suppliers, buyers, and experts from all around the globe.

Supplier Stories offers first-hand perspectives from suppliers and addresses the key trends in the market. It also provides relevant tips and insights on how to build and maintain productive business partnerships.

CRXCONEC offers complete cabling series product including copper structured cabling and fiber optic cabling. With more than 30 years manufacturing experience, we have helped plenty of copanies build business on local market and also provided OEM and Branding service to expand their cabling market worldwide.

If you have more interest in CRXCONEC, you can join our "LIVE SHOW", sincerely hearing from you on Octorber 21th, 10:00AM GMT+8.

Virtual Live Interview



00:08-08:10: What can CRXCONEC provide?
19:47-21:49: CRXCONEC Service Summary
28:43-31:59: Feature Product
42:43-43:58: Why you should trust CRXCONEC?

Sourcing Talk: Cabling Supplier Stories
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Sourcing Talk:CRXCONEC Cabling Supplier
Sourcing Talk:CRXCONEC Cabling Supplier

Provide Complete Copper Structured Cabling and Fiber Optic Cabling Products


Taiwan-Based Copper & Fiber Cabling Products Supplier Since 1985 | CRXCONEC

Based in Taiwan since 1985, Crxconec Company Ltd. has been a versatile end-to-end copper and fiber solutions provider. Their main cabling products, including Structured Cabling, Keystone Jacks, Patch Cords, Modular Plugs and Fiber Cabling, which are high-quality and certified.

CRXCONEC with more than 30 years of structured cabling manufacturing experience, specializing in custom RJ45 keystone jacks, Ethernet cables, fiber optic cables, fiber patch panels and other cabling products. Fast to assist you in branding end-to-end copper and fiber cabling solutions. CRXCONEC is an OEM structured cabling supplier that has been assisting companies with branding for more than 30 years.

CRXCONEC has been offering customers high-quality structured cabling and Keystone Jacks, both with advanced technology and 35 years of experience, CRXCONEC ensures each customer's demands are met.